PBS Committee

Christina Bowers – Principal

Sandy Highfill – Coach/4th grade

Sonia Wright – Coach/3rd grade

Denise Gregg – 1st grade

Abby Cooper – 5th grade

Mary Mixon – 6th grade

Erin Hillis – Resource


What does School-Wide PBS (Positive Behavior Support) mean?

Our goal is to help each child develop self-discipline.  Together the home and school share the responsibility for developing good citizens.  Parents, teachers, and students must work together to maintain a safe learning environment.  The PBS (Positive Behavior Support) program is based upon our philosophy of recognizing positive contributions of students.

PBS means that teachers, administrators, counselors, and support staff are going to take responsibility to TEACH positive behavior expectations to students. 

PBS means that students will know exactly what is expected of them.  Students who take responsibility to behave positively will be recognized and rewarded in a variety of ways.  Students will also know exactly what consequences will result when they choose NOT to meet the school-wide expectations (“all of us will be on the same page”).

PBS Behavior Matrix

Student Rewards for Appropriate Behavior

1.  PAWS-ITIVE Behavior Cards

Paws-itive behavior cards are a positive behavior reinforcement indicator that is given to students by any staff member at Walnut Grove Elementary .  All staff members will recognize students who are practicing respect, accepting responsibility, willing to learn, and safe at all times.

2. PAWS-ITIVE Behavior Drawing Small weekly awards will be randomly presented to individual students who earned a Paws-itive behavior card and can match it with the card from the office. Students will also have the opportunity to save cards to purchase other prizes

3.  Mystery Card Bingo

Three ‘Mystery Cards’ will be handed out each day to students who are demonstrating appropriate behavior.  The student will take the card to the office to draw a number and be placed on the Bingo card in the hallway.  When a bingo is made, the students in the row will receive a prize.

4.  Quarterly Reward

A larger reward will be presented to students who have had no office referrals and are succeeding academically.

Monthly Character Word

September   Respect

October        Responsibility

November    Perseverance

December    Safety

January         Honesty

February       Fairness

March            Self-Discipline (Control)

April               Kindness (Compassion)

May                Citizenship